General Conditions

This document has been prepared in order to determine the confidentiality principles regarding the user information and personal information communicated to the official website (hereinafter referred to as “The Website”) of the Mind Your Waste Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “The Website owner”.) in the address of, during the course of usage of the web site. The visitors and users who visit the website shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of this Confidentiality Policy.

Follow-up of the Confidentiality Provisions / Amendment

The website owner, the Mind Your Waste Foundation shall be entitled to amend the confidentiality conditions or set additional conditions at any time without making prior notification. Concerning the information collected in the course of usage, the amendments shall be presented in this website in order to be informed with respect to the features, usage methods, the cases where these information are shared with others and all required confidentiality conditions. The usage of this website and its services subsequent to such amendments shall be deemed as acceptance of the amendments in the confidentiality conditions.

User Information

The user shall be responsible for all kinds of materials/information (including all kinds of writings, articles, documents, communicated remarks and opinions) which are entered as user or communicated by website communication forms or donations.  The users shall be deemed to have accepted and guaranteed reliability, accuracy and that they do not violate the rights of third persons with respect to all kinds of information which are communicated/sent to the website. In the case where it is required, the right of the Mind Your Waste Foundation to completely or partly discontinue publishing or prevent access concerning the contents which are entered in the website and believed by the Mind Your Waste Foundation to harm or place burden for the users, shall be reserved. The website owner reserves its rights to make subject to preselection, examine, draw attention, amend, reject or remove from the scope of the website with respect to any users or contents/information. However, the website owner does not have any responsibilities in this regard.

Personal Information

In the course of visiting the website or while benefiting from any services such as donations; name, surname, age, gender, profession, work and education status information, living place, IP information, e-mail address, telephone number, etc. personal information shall/may be deemed to be given to the website/recorded by the website. These information shall not be open to anyone and shared with third persons apart from the Mind Your Waste Foundation.

The website owner may store upon classification, use in compliance with the website and service purposes, the information given by the user only for their collection purposes (for instance, announcement of the names of donators etc.) or regarding user security with respect to some services or some statistical assessments in accordance with the relevant confidentiality warnings. The user shall be deemed to have disclosed these information by taking into account the fact that the personal information which he/she gave/disclosed/recorded may partly or completely be used in compliance with the website and service purposes.

Personal information shall not be distributed, sold or made subject to trade under any conditions.

Open System

The users know and accept that the internet environment is not a safe environment, communication in the internet environment is risky, all kinds of information such as personal information, passwords, etc. may be the object of unlawful acts by third persons. The website owner does not provide any guarantees with respect to security and malicious acts.

Violation of Confidentiality Conditions

In the case where confidentiality conditions are not complied with or there are attempts to violate the rules, regardless of materialization of the violation or not, the website owner reserves its rights to reject, remove from the content the information available in the system, suspend, terminate (it is not obligatory) the access of the users to the website and services without making prior notification. The conditions shall also be valid in the cases where there are direct violations or violation attempts by third persons acting on behalf of the user.

Information and Communication

You can receive more information with respect to website confidentiality and usage conditions by writing to the address of


Credit Card Security

The security of your credit card is ensured by SSL encrypting technology. In all pages which you enter your credit card information, you will see a lock symbol. This symbol represents the 256 Byte SSL Certificate provided by GeoTrust. Besides, in the pages which you enter your credit card information while making payments, the website address section shall transform into http from https. When you start the payment process via SSL technology, independently from the website, a direct encrypted communication is established between the user computer and the bank and the information you sent by your browser is not seen by the  employees of the Mind Your Waste Foundation or third persons.

Data Security

All information you enter while making transactions with your credit card are protected by the system which protects the data base. Without the approval of the users, the Mind Your Waste Foundation undertakes not to disclose, share with third persons or institutions and misuse the personal and sensitive information it collects from the users, apart from the legal requirements.

Data Usage

The Mind Your Waste Foundation shall only use the general user information (such as name-surname, e-mail address, address, telephone) which you enter while making transactions via the website by your credit card, in order to make the services provided by the web site more effective. These services includes the transactions such as informing about our activities, sending of the receipts and certificates of appreciation regarding your donation transactions.

The Provisions to be Paid Attention by the Users

Apart from the security measures taken by the website, it is also important for the user to take some security measures. These measures include security settings of your browser to be in the top level and updated, downloading of the required anti-virus software, not keeping available your passwords or important personal information in your computer in written form and similar measures.