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Dreamy Danish holiday workshop village is entirely built from trash

Artist Thomas Dambo and his team of elves built this wonderful recycled village in Copenhagen where people can make all of their gifts for free, from trash! It's a little festival called "Remake Christmas", a truly magical “village” in the middle of the biggest shopping street of Copenhagen. The people raised awareness against littering and recycled the goods to prepare gifts for their beloved ones. Imagined and brought to life by Danish artist and designer Thomas Dambos, this is the village’s second incarnation and it’s expanded beautifully. This year, Dambo along with his team and a crew of 60 elves volunteers [...]

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Germany Gleefully Leads List of World’s Top Recyclers

A beautiful story on waste and how to turn recycling into behavior... The praise from a German friend was the first sign that I had gone native. “You see?” he said to his American wife, pointing to the sink where, without thinking, I was rinsing out the plastic yogurt cup I’d just emptied, unwrapping its cardboard sleeve and separating the foil from the lip of the container. “That is how to recycle!” What may sound like a lot of extra fuss over trash has become second nature among Germans, the world’s recycling champions. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation [...]

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A Cleanup Campaign In China Had To Be Stopped Over Too Many Cigarette Butts

A campaign in Shengzhou, China which compensated people for cigarette butts they brought in has gone up in smoke after "a suspiciously large number of cigarette butts began flowing in".  The authorities in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province, were encouraging people to collect discarded cigarettes from the streets and hand them in, the Sohu news website reports. For every 50 that were collected, the city was offering a pack of tissues in return. But the apparently meagre reward had people turning out in droves. The sanitation task force was soon flooded with cigarette butts, receiving almost five million of them in three weeks, and costing [...]

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New Yorkers are Minding Their Waste

As we all know garbage has become the common problem of our society and every country is suffering from it. Each country and each culture has different points of views and different approaches for the issue. Whereas USA is putting out nice poems in the streets to let people mind their waste, Scotland is making trashy jokes and Turkey is asking people to bin their waste in a polite way "Please bin your waste". Which one do you think works best?