Mind Your Waste Foundation conducts meetings with municipalities, authorities and institutions for developing and implementing effective projects regarding the issue of littering and environmental pollution. Mind Your Waste Foundation researches projects developed and implemented in Turkey and in the world, follows the latest developments in the field, supports projects that are focusing on waste management and paves the way for developing more projects inspired by the good examples in the world.

“Mind Your Waste” İzmir Workshop

Mind Your Waste İzmir Workshop was organised in İzmir on 5th of November, 2015. The event, hosted by our supporter Swissotel Büyük Efes İzmir with the contributions of Büyük Efes Sanat, was organised in order to answer two specific questions “Why do we litter?” and “How can we make people bin their waste?”. 44 participants from 13 municipalities attended the workshop. In the workshop, two questions were analyzed with group discussions and solutions were presented by one representative from each group. In the workshop, attendants from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and other 12 municipalities in İzmir, found answers to the questions by analyzing the problem by group discussions and briefings. The solutions were presented by one representative from each group to the other groups.

“Mind Your Waste” İstanbul Workshop

“Mind Your Waste” Workshop was organised in cooperation with İstanbul Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation on 26th of April, 2016. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and 36 other municipalities, academicians, NGO representatives attended the event, hosted by Doubletree Hilton Piyalepaşa Hotel. The workshop was planned in order to analyze littering and find reliable solutions for it.

Participant from different fields and different know hows on the field, divided into 9 groups in order to analyze the issue from different perspectives. The groups analyzed educational, legislative, technological, innovative, economical, media based, incentive based, project based problems and what can we do to reverse the situation and solve the problems with the least effort. Firstly, the problems were identified, secondly, short term and long term solution offers were presented.

Thereby M İstanbul Workshop was completed… Organising workshops in different cities with the aim of creating a behavioral change in Turkey, Mind Your Waste Foundation provides a basis for solutions to environmental problems. We foresee the continuation of our workshops

Solution proposals from the groups composed of different fields of municipalities were presented, valuable data is collected and the data is put into a reliable report. In the light of the report, meetings will happen in the near future.