Lessons on Littering

Mind Your Waste Foundation has cooperated with municipalities, universities, schools and NGOs in order to educate people about littering and the effects of littering on environment. Adults, teenagers and children were informed about waste management and projects were developed with each group.

Besides, with the help of our little volunteers, we made a book to raise awareness on environment. In the book, the children shared their opinions and their knowledge to give their message to adults and fellow children. You can find the book at the link below.

Renkli Kampüs

” ” Ballot Bin ” project developed with the students in Renkli Kampüs program, gamifies the process of throwing trash in the bin. With the aim of raising awareness to environment in universities, we’ve asked several questions to university students and collected recyclable items, kept the environment clean.

Since the project was started with university students, it made a big impact on social media. The students who made their choice on our ballot bin, shared their opinions on social media and boosted our engagement.

” Ballot Bin ” project was used in Koc University Sustainability Festival and Beşiktaş International Flower and Garden Festival.

Atma Oyla ” Vote with your butt”

In cooperation with Üsküdar Municipality, we’ve developed this project in order to stop littering of the cigarette butts, which are the most littered items in public spaces. Gamifying the disposal process of cigarette butts, we hope and believe we can stop littering of the cigarette butts, create a behavioral change and public awareness. Starting from April 2016, we’ve put ballot bins made for cigarette butts around Üsküdar.